Taking a walk with my parents after dinner is one of my favorite activities, and Singapore's East Coast is an amazing place to do that. When strolling along the shore, I loved gazing across the waters and let my mind wander off to the ships lined in a distance, waiting to dock. 

How far are they from us? The vastness and voidness of the water body blur our sense of space. This makes the site a perfect playground for our spatial perception. Our brains can be tricked by indicators that we use to measure distance. In the case of this project, I envision lIght sticks that are different in size but identical in proportion to be placed in the water. The lights should be positioned in relation to one another, such that they appear to be uniform in size to viewers on the shore.

In this way, the distance between the shore and the ships is perceptually shortened to people along the coast, as our idea of space between the lights get compressed. On the other hand, space is elongated in the eyes of those on the ships. The lights in a distance appear smaller to their eyes, and the coast seems further than it actually is.


View from the shore:


View from the ships: